Mobile Gaming

Latest Trends in Mobile Gaming Apps

Mobile technology is taking over our life. People’s average time spent on their phones for non-voice material has nearly fivefold grown in the last few years. To some part, it is due to regular, day-to-day apps, but mobile games have recently emerged as one of the primary reasons why people spend so much time on their cell phones.

Expansion Packs are your best bet

An expansion pack is only a supplement to an existing mobile game. Expansion packs have always been relegated to supporting high-profile PC and console games. At the moment, mobile app developers are warming to the notion of expansion packs, which remain one of the greatest ways to keep early-game consumers and entice them to return for more. Though it is not a novel notion, it will become more visible in the future years. With the growth of the mobile gaming business and the skyrocketing expenses of attracting new clients, it seems rational to keep existing customers satisfied.

The Emergence of Mini Games

Mini-games are little games that appear in larger games. These do not require any additional installation procedures and are frequently socially integrated to encourage buddy sharing and competitiveness. These will become increasingly important in the future as they aid in enhancing user engagement and retention.

Mini Games

Mobile games for all age groups

The majority of mobile games are geared at younger audiences; however, this is changing fast. With more and more people of all ages becoming more tech-savvy and having more time on their hands, this is a market that should be explored. Developing gaming apps for older adults will be the next big thing, and titles like Hitman GO demonstrate that adult-oriented games are sure to be a hit.

Fall of Game Consoles

While game consoles such as the PlayStation and Xbox continue to improve with each release, predicted sales appear to be on the decline. This is not because any of the game consoles are awful; rather, they are being rapidly replaced by much cheaper and more versatile mobile solutions. People choose to play mobile games in their spare time, such as while commuting to work or taking a brief break during a long workday. This is something that consoles just cannot do. As a result, mobile gaming applications have captivated the ever-expanding industry and will continue to do so in the near future.

Increase in the preordering trend

pre-registration or pre-ordering of games is one sure-fire strategy to win. Pre-ordering a game often provides an incentive that users who buy the game after its release do not have. As this feature becomes popular among mobile players, the entire process of developing new mobile games and acquiring new consumers will change.

Post Author: Walter Clyburn